Introducing our delectable maccheroni, spelt as macaroni in English, made from wholegrain stoneground British spelt.

This time we decided to source our grains locally from British stoneground millers and a small selection of farms who are not yet organic certified but are earnestly working towards it. We think it is important to acknowledge and support the small, young, mills and farms who are using sustainable and regenerative farming methods, including agroforestry, to work towards an extensive system. We are very happy that we can back their hard work by adding this spelt pasta to our range.


Spelt was an important staple food in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times which started losing it's popularity around the 19th century however it is making its comeback as a health food. It is an excellent source of carbohydrates and dietary fibre, being particularly rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and niacin (vitamin B3). It is also rich in micronutrients such as calcium and vitamin E. Contains gluten and not suitable for people with celiac disease but should be easy to digested by people with a wheat intolerance or sensitivity due to its protein molecular structure being weaker.


The shape is comparable to narrow tubes and spelt has been said to taste of toasted almond, light brown walnut, toffee and caramel. It can be enjoyed however you like, perhaps as part of a classic mac & cheese, but we recommend trying this pasta with pulses in the sauce, it's fantastic!

We make sure none of the amazing nutritional and health benefits of this grain are lost in the milling process. Not to degenerate any of the vitamins, we produce and dry our pasta at low temperature.


*Comes in plastic free packaging – fully compostable bags certified for both industrial and home composting environments, as well as for marine biodegradation.

Spelt Maccheroni, 4kg, paper sack, RRP:55p/100g

  • 9 minutes, al dente